Of the multifarious production skills Felipe has developed in post-production, color correction is one of Felipe's forté. As a result of having proofed over half a million images for quality and color in the last decade as a photo studio manager, color correction comes very second hand for Felipe; not all too different from learning how to drive a manual transmission and doing it sub-consciously. Having proofed so many images, Felipe doesn't just have experience understanding colors, he also has an extremelly well trained set of eyes capable of differentiating minute color nuances. This was acquired mostly via a dedicated work history in the field of color correction.

Felipe was assistant editor and the sole colorist for the internationally distributed and award winning feature, "You Can't Kill Stephen King" (2014). Felipe was also the colorist for Tennis Channel's "Fit to Hit."

   COLORIST for "You Can't Kill Stephen King"



Assistant Editor (one of two editors in the film)